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8515 Penfield Ave
Winnetka, CA 91306
Founded in 1987 by Terry Brussel and Brian Gitt
Based on the philosophy of Family Synergy
Founded 1971 by Hy Levy and Pat LaFollette

OK Big change for just this month... the Live the Dream meeting
will be held on the 2nd Saturday February 13th
to avoid conflicts with other events and to be able to do this
meeting before Valentine's days!

So here are the upcoming events.... and don't forget to download the PDF version of the newsletter for lot's more info!

*Sunday, February 21th       5:00 pm - 6:00 pm    

Meet Your Parallel Selves at Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton Hotel Room: Century C
         Come see Terry do one of her presentations! 

Saturday March 19  11am to 4pm

Dragon Riders of [Poly] Pern

Discussion includes both Anne McCaffery’s original Pern series and the even more specifically poly writings of her son Todd in that same universe.

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Live the Dream is an education and support group for those who, originally inspired by the writings of Robert Heinlein, Robert Rimmer and Marion Zimmer Bradley, are now ready to LIVE such alternative lifestyles as cooperative living, open relationships and group marriage.  Many of our concepts on multiply committed relationships come from Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" and "Moon is a Harsh Mistress"

Live the Dream also sponsors a Nest of Church of All Worlds, the real life, over fifty year old spiritual movement inspired by Stranger in a Strange Land. Live the Dream was founded in 1987 by Terry Brussel and Brian Gitt, inspired by Family Synergy founded in 1971 by Hy Levy and Pat LaFollette
Live the Dream
8515 Penfield Avenue
Winnetka, CA   9130