Monday, February11 • 6:30pmto9pm
PotLuckDinnerfollowed at 7pm by ABUNDANCE IN 2013!
8pm Polyamory for the Pagan community
Special location: Winnetka Towers a pagan castle in theSanFernando Valley!
Saturday February 16,2013 • 11am to 4:30pm
ArtofSeduction HappyValentinesDay!

Saturday March 16 • 11am to 4:30pm
Group Living, BiSexuality and Furry Fandom
Monday, March25
LiveTheDream Passover Seder 7pmTo11pm (atlatest)
Unless otherwise noted, all events are at 8515 Penfield Ave Winnetka 91306. Group house- home of Terry, Will, JC and Lawrence. For all events: RSVP/more info call the LTD Hotline (818) 886-0069, ex. 3. Please visit the Live the Dream website @ www.livethedream.org to view current events, past articles, etc. FAMILY SYNERGY MEMBERS PAY MEMBER PRICE AT LIVE THE DREAM MEETINGS & PARTIES
Note: Terry Brussel is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a a 4th generation matchmaker. We provide poly relationship counseling, hypnotic jealousy release and other services. See www.acesuccess.com or call (800) LIFE MATES (543-3628)

Live the Dream is an education and support group for those who, originally inspired by the writings of Robert Heinlein, Robert Rimmer, and Marion Zimmer Bradley, are now ready to LIVE such alternative lifestyles as cooperative living, open relationships, and group marriage. Many of our concepts on multiply committed relationships come from Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land and Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Live the Dream also sponsors a nest of Church of All Worlds, the real life, over fifty year old spiritual movement inspired by Stranger in a Strange Land.


New policy starting with September meeting: LTD 3rd Saturday meetings No charge to LTD Members with dish for the pot luck. Without a dish to share, $5 for members Non members $5 with dish to share, $8 without

Monday February 11 Special location: Winnetka Towers—a pagan castle in the San Fernando Valley 8000 Winnetka Ave., Winnetka, CA 91306 (at NE corner of Strathern) Pot Luck Dinner at 6:30, 7 pm ABUNDANCE IN 2013! Presented by Terry Brussel. Learn how you can be of a mindset which attracts prosperity regardless of the economy in which you find yourself. Guided meditation instills in your subconscious mind the clarity, focus and intense desire necessary to make your goals a reality! 8 pm Polyamory for the Pagan community—Come meet some new kindred spirits

Saturday February 16, 2013 11 am to 4:30 pm Art of Seduction

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Attract the love(s) you desire! Does your date (or this person you'd like to date) use words like "I see?" It looks good to me.”? When you ask a question, does (s) he look up before answering? This person is probably a visual. Make a date to see the sunset together. Words like "I hear you." "Just listen to me." and looking to the side before speaking tell you you're dealing with an audio. Make a date to listen to a concert together. "It's got to feel right." "Let's get in touch." and looking down before speaking tell you this kinesthetic might enjoy an ethnic place where soft comfortable cushions are provided to recline on. This is obviously over simplified. There are many recordings and books available on the subject as well as personal instruction. Feel free to call for more info at 800-Life Mates (543-3628).

1-2 pm Pot luck lunch. Bring something delicious which you might make for someone you truly desired… Musical performance by Elswith during lunch!
2-3:00 Love Ritual for drawing your special Someone(s) led by Elswith.
Ritual concludes with Hypnotic Love Magnet by Terry Brussel, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and 4th generation matchmaker. Whether you are single and looking for a primary partner, a couple looking for a third or a triad/more-ad looking for additional partners, this will help.
  • 3:00-4 pm Hot tubbing (clothing optional), socializing
  • 4-4:30 Steering Committee meeting. Bring your ideas.

Saturday March 16 11 am to 4:30 pm Group Living, Bi Sexuality and Furry Fandom
Mark Merlino, founder of Furry Fandom and one of the originators of Anime Fandom in the USA, has a group house some of whose members have been with him for 10+ years. He and his life partner, Rodney, have been together more than 25 years. They host a Furry party monthly which frequently draws 50+ guests. Mark will discuss how their group house operates, how bi sexuality fits with his particular poly lifestyle and how YOU can put together the kind of home and relationship style which will bring you greatest joy. 1 pm Pot Luck Lunch: Corn Beef and Cabbage provided by your hostess—bring what you think goes with it to share. Salads, fruit, breads, cheeses and deserts welcome. Clothing optional Hot tubbing in the afternoon.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday March 25 Live The Dream Passover Seder, 7:00 To 11 Pm (At Latest) Lead By Rob Milander

Call Terry to RSVP before 3-18-13 at (818) 886-0069, ex. 3 to arrange what to bring for the Seder or to attend without a food contribution. We need time to plan things and shop for supplies.

This is Celebration of Freedom!

This holiday commemorates the first time one People (the Jews) freed itself from bondage to another People (the Egyptians). We'll do this with plenty of group participation! You don't have to read Hebrew for this or even be Jewish. Whether you want to learn more about your own heritage, just share this special holiday with those you care about, or discover a cultural experience new to you, you are welcome! This is coordinated pot luck since it requires special foods. This event is FREE to one clean up coordinator, one serving coordinator, and the single or couple who volunteers to bring 5 pounds of lamb or 10 pounds of chicken. Cost: $8.00 with arranged food contribution and one bottle of kosher wine for each adult in your party, one bottle of grape juice for each child. $18 each without food contribution +bring beverage. Children under thirteen free with food, $5 without. You can arrive 6-7 pm to socialize and help with preparations. Seder itself starts at 7:00 pm.

Valentine Day for Singles, Dyads, Triads and Moresomes

Happy Valentine's Day!

Flowers, candy, dancing and passion--someone special in your arms. Except if there isn't someone special right now...or if your some special is with his or her primary partner tonight. Then it can be a real downer.
Single and no love partner at present? Don't let all the cards, gift items and dreamy looks you see around you bring you down. Let it instead motivate you to be looking for that certain person or couple who may already be looking for you. Your life mate is out there- -not just one but many possible "right" ones. There are books on how to look, audio/video tapes and seminars. You can start at the library or a book store. Browse. Find one with a step by step program, not just for finding someone wonderful, but perhaps also for accessing what changes you may need to make to be ready for that person. How to Make a Man Fall in Love by Tracey Cabot is good. For more in depth info on NLP, Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins is available in audio or book form. It's better to use recorded material or live training as the way you say things is at least as important as what you say. Hypnosis can assist you in actually integrating NLP into your subconscious mind, your child mind, helping you to use it with the kind of unconscious mastery demonstrated by such practitioners as Tony Robbins and Tad James. We offer that at Success Center--800-GOAL NOW (462-5669)
Couples who are looking for a third or for another couple, are not having to deal with the loneliness problems of a single person in this situation. They’ve got each other to be romantic with. Even so, this may be a good time for courting that special person you are both interested in. Don't make the mistake of figuring this day is just for you and your mate. A possible third in your relationship is going to look ahead and see many such "special" couple times creating loneliness and feelings of being excluded in the future. If this person is truly important to you, include him or her in. If she's a lady, the gentleman should get flowers and special gifts for both (different ones) and take them to dinner together. Show her that old fashioned romance need not be lost in this new style relationship.
If the possible third is a male, the male member of the couple should include him in planning and implementing a romantic evening for your lady love. He may not offer, feeling awkward about intruding. You'll most likely have to ask him to join you and even persuade him that he is not a third wheel. NLP can be useful for this sort of thing, too. It will be worth the trouble if your Dream is a triad or even a triad as a starting point for a larger group marriage. This is true even if the relationship is going to stay a non residential one. Being inclusive rather than exclusive will definitely make your single lovers feel cared for and cherished at a time which could be more difficult for them than for you.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Me a Match

I am a fourth generation matchmaker. My family ran Marriage Minded Introductions; one of the oldest introduction services in the USA-- founded 1910. By making matches (both poly and monogamous) over a period of more than forty years, I have learned a great deal about what works and what doesn't in choosing a partner or partners. At just about every meeting I attend for those interested in multiply committed relationships, I find couples looking for a third, triads looking for a forth, and singles looking for a primary partner who can accept a non-monogamous lifestyle- -but may also be open to the right couple, triad, or group. If these seekers aren't fortunate enough to find just the right person(s) at such a gathering, they may try a personal ad. Thanks to such publications as Loving More and the Green Egg, there is a better chance this will work than when swing magazines were the only ones running such ads. Such web sites as OK Cupid and The Poly Matchmaker are also excellent ways of meeting someone special. Ok Cupid has a very extensive matching paradigm and a large data base. There are plenty of questions to help you determine whether a potential match is poly or not. The site will render an actual percentage of matches for each potential partner.

If you are looking for love on a web site or anywhere else, the first concept you need to be aware of is partnering patterns. This is a Do-It-Yourself kit for developing positive partnering patterns. It is a tool which you can use to decide if a caller from a personal ad is worth meeting, whether an attractive someone you meet at a dance is worth dating, whether a match offered you on the web is worth meeting, or whether someone you've seen a few times is worth getting serious with, etc. You'll start with something very basic and keep honing it to suit you.

Begin by listing your three most important love relationships. If you are a couple or group, both or all of you should do this. If you have love relationships that you have tried as a couple or group in the past, by all means use them. List also your opposite sex parent if this person helped raise you. Write down all characteristics at least three out of four of these people had in common-- height, hair length, religion, reading preferences, anything. Don't worry about whether the characteristic is negative or positive yet. When finished, mark the things that were good for that relationship with a +, the things that were bad for it with a - and the neutral with a 0. Use these notes for ideas as you now list those attributes you consider essential in a relationship (E), those you'd like to have (L), and those you absolutely don't want (N). E's are 7-10 or multiples of 10 points, L's are 1-7, N's are negative 20-100. Add up all your possible positives for a total possible score. Rate each important past relationship on each characteristic for practice and to see if your scoring tool reflect what actually worked or didn't in these relationships. For example, if being a cat lover is worth 10 points, the person who tolerates them in the house may get a 3 while the person who cleans out the cat box and cuddles with them in bed gets a 10. Add up the entire positive and divide by the total possible score to get an initial percentage. Then deduct the negatives from the total actual score. Get a new percentage by dividing this number by your original total possible score. Does this mean one minus 100 could eliminate someone who is otherwise great? YES. No matter how great they are: alcoholism, history of domestic violence, lack of ability to be self supporting or your own major pet peeve does properly eliminate them. Save the negative list for things you really find Unacceptable.

Now score a current possible if you have one or find one for that purpose. That relationship probably isn't right for any of you if it comes out badly for one of you. This tool will change as you use it. You'll add to the positives and the negatives as you discover things that work and do not for you or your group. You'll even find you can use it to rate a particular person as the relationship progresses. If certain situations lower a potential partners score, that may tell you to avoid those situations (such as visits to his ex) or that this won't work since those situations can't be avoided. If a new possible is looking good, go for it! Here's a way to improve your chances. NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP)

A matchmaker's job can be difficult...delightful...funny. I had a client who only wanted to meet ladies with long blond hair. I found a match for him who was everything else he wanted, but her hair was short and auburn. He reluctantly agreed to meet her. He called me after the first date to tell me she looked like a horse. Two weeks later, he called to say she didn't look that bad actually and to tell me she had other characteristics he loved. The wedding invitation came six weeks after that. The gut feel that caused me to risk his original aggravation was right, but the lady had a lot to do with making that work. She made him feel good about himself. She learned what special things really pleased him in the way a woman dressed and acted. She did those things without changing the essence of who she was. Some of this was inside info from me-- the rest she picked up by watching him, listening to him and asking the right questions. She learned to speak to him using the kinds of words he best responded to--visual imagery in his case. This particular gal just seemed to have a knack for it. This technique can be learned. It's not a way to manipulate another person or to give up being yourself. It’s a way to deeply communicate with a potential special someone, to fully understand that other person, decide if this is Mr. or Miss Right, and be happy together if it is.
If you have an article on polyamory or a related topic or a question for publication here please send or E-Mail it to 8515 Penfield Ave. Winnetka, CA 91306. Or Email us through www.livethedream.org. We will take the question with your solution or brain storm and give it one or more of our own. Let’s have fun with this and learn from each other.
Meet Ups & Other Group Events Go to www.meetup.com/SoCal-Polyamory and www.meetup.com/loving-more for more info on SoCal groups
Shama, well known Tantrica, is having poly meet ups monthly. Go to www.pleasureparadigm.org for more info Leanna Wolf has all sorts of things going on several times a month at her home in Van Nuys, CA—some for poly people and some for monogamous folks as well. See http://drleannawolfe.com Other Poly meet up info: www.lovemore.com
Do you have poly news that you wish to share? E-Mail us at livethedream.org or call us at (818) 886-0069, ex. 3 Tell your Poly-curious friends to look us up at livethedream.org


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From the 101, get off at Winnetka Avenue, head North on Winnetka Avenue to Chase (next signal North of Roscoe). Head East on Chase Street one block turn left on Penfield Avenue.

We are the big blue house on the left hand side of the street; first house on Penfield north of Chase Street. Number 8515

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