Cooperative Living, Open Relationshis & Group Marriage

Live the Dream is an education and support group for those who, originally inspired by the writings of Robert Heinlein, Robert Rimmer and Marion Zimmer Bradley, are now ready to LIVE such alternative lifestyles as cooperative living, open relationships and group marriage. Many of our concepts on multiply committed relationships come from Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land and Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Live the Dream also sponsors a Nest of Church of All Worlds, the real life, over fifty year old spiritual movement inspired by Stranger in a Strange Land. Live the Dream was founded in 1987 by Terry Brussel and Brian Gitt, inspired by Family Synergy founded in 1971 by Hy Levy and Pat LaFollette.

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Saturday August 21, 2021 11AM to 12:30PM Zoom

Harrad Experiment and Proposition 31 by Robert Rimmer:

Couple Meets Couple, They Fall in Love and Get Married


*Saturday August 28 thru September 7

PLAN B (the unofficial Burning Man event) and

The Virtual 2021 Burning Man Event


Saturday September 18, 2021 11AM to 12:30PM on Zoom (Live decision later)

Legal Poly Marriage—Any Time Soon?


*Saturday September 18 10AM-3PM

World Naked Bike Ride: Los Angeles

*(not a Live the Dream event, but supported by most of us)


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